SUE the T-rex in CHI Field Museum Must Be Called “They/Them/Their”


SUE the T. Rex is on display at Chicago’s Field Museum. SUE is the largest and most complete skeleton of a T-rex ever found and was recently moved to new digs in the museum.

Since they don’t know the sex, SUE will now be referred to using gender-neutral (i.e. they/them/their) pronouns. Museum officials MUST refer to it by these acceptable pronouns.

SUE’s an ‘it’ in reality and politicizing science and sex in a creature long-dead seems a bit too far.

SUE is named after the woman who discovered it, Sue Hendrickson, and was thought to be a ‘she’ for twenty years, not by scientists, by the lay people. When the twitter account for SUE explained on Twitter in 2016 that the scientists didn’t know her sex, a discussion arose on the social media site about misgendering it given they don’t know the sex.

The museum took it seriously and went with the gender-neutral pronouns.

This makes no sense.

SUE was either male or female, not gender neutral, they simply don’t know the sex. There is such a thing as biological sex. The gender concept is strictly human. Applying it to animals and science is illogical and actually harmful.

There is absolutely no reason to believe animals are gender fluid or neutral. The pronouns should not be used in this case.

According to the Them article we linked to, museum reps now must refer to SUE as “they/them/their.” That’s antithetical to reality.

Some people won’t leave politics at the door and they won’t stop transforming the culture, not for a second, even at the risk of distorting scientific facts.



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