Suicides in CO children’s hospital up 90% last month


Colorado’s Children’s Hospital declares a mental health crisis of attempted suicides. Suicide attempts are rising and emergency room visits for mental health crises were up 90% last month. 

Alcohol and drug abuse and suicides are at emergency levels. All of their beds are full and parents are forced to send their children out of state.

The top overall reason children arrive in the emergency department is a suicide attempt. And on any given day, 12 to 24 children are waiting for an in-patient psychiatric bed to become available.

They can’t handle the demand.

Children’s Chief Medical Officer Dr.  David Brumbaugh, who has practiced medicine for more than 20 years, said that in the last 15 months he has seen a demand in children’s mental health care like nothing he’s ever experienced. Brumbaugh began to cry as he spoke of a dad whose 9th-grade son recently tried to kill himself after not making the baseball team near the close of an isolating first year of high school.

The boy is the same age as Brumbaugh’s son, who also plays baseball.

“Our kids have run out of resilience,” the doctor said. “Their tank is empty.” Then he apologized for crying: “I’m sorry, but this is what we are feeling as caregivers every day.”

Nice job by the Democrat politicians, Randi Weingarten, and Dr. Fauci and his groupies who shut down the schools unnecessarily. They sacrificed the children for their ideology. They’re a disgrace.

You’re voting for these people, Colorado.

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