Zelensky: Don’t Fear Nuclear War, “Be Ready” & UK Boots Are on the Ground


Almost everyone is on board with going to war with Russia, a nuclear nation. This is as we run up an enormous debt and deficits, are going with sanctions that mostly hurt the US, and have idiots in charge. Has everyone forgotten how these same people handled Afghanistan and the surrender?

Many are now condemning anyone who fears nuclear weapons. This is as the US is planning to send far more serious weapons and helicopters. Russia is warning against this and it is, of course, an escalation.

The US has not sent independent observers to confirm any of the accounts of genocide or even of the destruction of the Russian warship. That is what we would have done in the past.

And we learned from reporter Michael Tracey,  Zelensky said we shouldn’t fear nuclear war. Tracey writes: Continuing his nonstop American TV tour, Zelensky tells CNN: “We should not be afraid” of nuclear war — we should “be ready.” How exactly should “we” get ready for nuclear war? Bring back the old “duck and cover” drills? Say our prayers?


Did you know that the UK is trying to drag us into war? But not just any war — World War III. They have boots on the ground, training troops. That too is an escalation.

I am not part of the alleged Putin wing of the Republican party or any party. The Sentinel dislikes Mr. Putin and his invasion. We want Ukraine to win and we want the people to be saved. However, we must take the role of the canary in the coal mine in this Ukraine-Russia war. No one else seems to be doing that.

Of course, it is tempting to go to war to help the Ukrainian people, but we need some clearer heads.

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John Drake
John Drake
1 year ago

Can’t let JSOC take all the credit…


1 year ago

Missing the big picture . . being distracted from everything going on right here in our own country.