Surgeon General Demands Big Tech Hand Over COV ‘Misinformation’ Data – Everything


According to the NY Times, Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General demanded Big Tech hand over misinformation data as well as information they have about the major sources of Covid-19 misinformation.

They also want the data on those allegedly engaged in the sale of unproven Covid-19 products, services, and treatments.

Companies have until May 2 to submit the data and their analysis.

The Biden government’s definition of misinformation is anything they, and especially the CDC, don’t agree with.

“Technology companies now have the opportunity to be open and transparent with the American people about the misinformation on their platforms,” Dr. Murthy said in an emailed statement. He added: “This is about protecting the nation’s health.”

It looks more like control than health.

There’s no penalty for not complying but Murthy made it clear that this was only the first request.

Six months ago, Dr. Murthy used his first formal advisory to the United States to insist tech and social media companies were not doing enough to stop the spread of dangerous health misinformation — especially about Covid-19. He called the misinformation “an urgent threat to public health.”

They care so much about our health that they let illegal aliens pour in by the millions without even a screening for COVID-19, much less vaccination (not that the vaccine works very long).

The Times reports: The request for information is part of President Biden’s Covid National Preparedness Plan, which the White House detailed on Wednesday and which is a road map for a new stage of the pandemic where Covid-19 causes “minimal disruption,” according to the White House.

The government is ramping up as the pandemic fades.  They’re preparing for another pandemic and more control. They want to pre-empt anyone or anything that dares to pre-empt them.



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