Surgeon General Shares Trivial Recommendations With Moms without Baby Formula


Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was on MSNBC sharing his recommendations for parents who can’t get baby formula. First, he told moms without any baby formula to switch brands. Secondly, look at other locations and smaller stores, Moms. Third, he suggested Moms ask doctors or check the HHS website tools for locations to buy formula.

In other words, he thinks Americans are idiots who need trivial advice. Do they really need someone to tell them to try other brands or go to different stores?

Mika actually asked him about the baby formula that’s so readily available to the people coming illegally. She also noted that Murthy didn’t express the sense of urgency she expected.

He fed her some talking points, and that was it.

Basically, he wants moms to just live with it and stop whining.


Abbott Labs produces as much as 40% of the baby formula in the country according to some reports. Unfortunately, the Michigan factory was closed due to contamination. Then they couldn’t get the FDA on the phone to arrange for them to inspect the plant so they could open. The FDA finally made arrangements but it will still be weeks before Abbott Labs can stock the shelves and hire workers.

Abbott also claimed in its announcement that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had found no “conclusive evidence” linking formulas made at its Sturgis, Mich. facility to the infant illnesses and deaths that triggered the initial recall in February.

If the FDA is incompetent – would that surprise you?

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