Surprising SCOTUS Announcement on Monday


The Supreme Court made an unusual announcement today. It will release a ruling tomorrow, one day before Super Tuesday. They didn’t explain what the ruling was about, but the New York Times believes it is about Trump’s eligibility to run for President in Colorado, which should affect all the so-called 14th Amendment cases.

The New York Times reported that they will issue at least one decision on Monday, and they think the Colorado primary ballot case is the likeliest.

It will be posted online at 10 am. “The court will not take the bench,” the notice said. Usually, they announce from the bench.

The justices will return to the courtroom on March 15.

The Colorado Republican Party asked them to act before Super Tuesday. The ruling should affect Donald Trump’s ability to run in the general election, and it should apply to every state.

If they find any other way than to rule him eligible, it would mean the Supreme Court is also corrupt.

Donald Trump has not been charged or convicted of an insurrection, and there was no insurrection.

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