Susan Rice claims President Trump has a problem with strong black women


NBC/MSNBC/PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor is making her career by phrasing questions of the President in a nasty manner. She often has a fair question but turns around and makes a gotcha out of it.

President Trump called her out today and she immediately made it into an identity politics issue. It’s not because she’s a woman or because she’s black, as she tried to claim, it’s because she’s snarky. Trump treats everyone the same and doesn’t engage in identity politics — no special privileges for black women.


Susan Rice, the famed liar of Sunday News Shows, thinks President Trump has a problem with strong black women. First of all, Yamiche is not a strong black woman, she’s a nasty person, spurred on by her nasty colleagues in the press. Secondly, these people are sick. They frame everything, literally everything, as a matter of identity politics.

Susan Rice is the former National Security Adviser who went on to five Sunday News Shows and falsely claimed the Benghazi attack was over an idiotic video almost no one viewed. She knew that it was an al-Qaida attack.

The Obama trolls are back.

Yamiche’s nasty fans know what to say to please the bosses:

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