Suspect starts a brush fire, he’s released shortly after, sets six more fires


Domingo Lopez is accused of using a Molotov cocktail to start a brush fire near an Oregon interstate. He was released quickly and then started six more fires right away.

At least 35 people have died as the result of massive blazes that have been ravaging much of the West Coast, USA Today reported.

Lopez is believed to have started a brush fire that firefighters were able to extinguish before the flames spread to nearby structures.

Approximately one hour later, a PPB East Precinct officer was flagged down by someone who said they saw the suspect who started the fire, police said. Police were directed to a tent occupied by 45-year-old Domingo Lopez.

Lopez allegedly admitted that he started the blaze using a Molotov cocktail, the PPB said. Officers also allegedly found another plastic bottle with a wick in his possession.

Lopez was arrested on charges of second-degree disorderly conduct and reckless burning, the PPB said.

He was released without bail from the Multnomah County Detention Center very quickly.

Officers and firefighters were dispatched to six fires burning along Interstate 205 at approximately 3:37 a.m. on Monday, the PPB said. He was arrested for suspicion of setting them.


While all the fires we are seeing across the West weren’t caused by arson, some are, no matter what the media and FBI say.

Law enforcement officers in Washington, Oregon, and California have arrested multiple other accused arsonists since Sept. 1.

There is 44-year-old Elias Newton Pendergrass, who has been accused of first-degree arson in connection with the Sweet Creek Fires, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon announced in a Facebook post.

On Sept. 8, a suspect ignited two brush fires in Oregon’s Dexter State Recreation Area, KMTR reported.

Antifa supporter, Jeffrey Acord live streamed a fire and posted to YouTube.  He was seen with a lighter in his hand walking on the highway earlier in the day in Sumner. According to Q13FOX — The Sumner Grade Fire in Sumner and Bonney Lake has burned more than 800 acres and was 20 percent contained as of Thursday morning. He was arrested for setting the fire.


Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon, and one woman in California are facing arson charges, according to the Daily Wire.

Police accused Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, of starting a separate fire near the railroad tracks in Phoenix, Ore., Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. In a statement, the sheriff’s office said that while the Almeda fire burned, “residents witnessed Bakkela lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane.”

He is accused of partially sparking the massive Almeda fire, according to the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office. Oregon Live reported that he has been arrested on “two counts of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangerment”:

Anita Esquivel was arrested in Monterey County, Calif., after starting fires near Highway 101, though the number of fires was not released, according to KION.

The district attorney dismissed suggestions that Esquivel had ties to far-left groups, such as Antifa.

Two unidentified men were arrested in connection to fires in Washington: One man allegedly started a fire on State Route 167 at Meridian, while another man was detained a day later allegedly starting a fire at State Route 512, the Daily Mail reported.

Arson suspected at a church in Washington:


The Big Sur fire is believed to be tied to arson and cannabis. As of Friday, it had burned through more than 23,000 acres of chaparral, brush, and timber and was 20% contained, according to the U.S. Forest Service. A condor sanctuary was destroyed.

Ivan Geronimo Gomez, 31, of Fresno was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail on Aug. 19 after state park rangers detained him near the fire’s origin point, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Sheriff’s detectives arrested him on suspicion of five charges, including arson of forest land, setting his bail at $2 million. Jail records list illegal marijuana cultivation as another charge, along with throwing objects at a vehicle with intent to cause great bodily harm, battery, and exhibiting a deadly weapon that wasn’t a gun.

Fourteen suspicious fires in Colorado:
This looks like arson:

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3 years ago

now they are blaming California forest fire on Trump

3 years ago

Oh no! You guys have it all wrong! Joe “The Puppet” Biden has been instructed by his string pullers to say that all the fires in the west are caused by Donald Trump’s calling the climate change a hoax. The only way we can make the fires go out is to elect him instead of Trump.

If Trump is re-elected, the entire United States will be burned to a crisp and entire cities will be blown away for killer storms. Everything at an existing elevation less than 100′ AMSL will be under water.

Of course, all of the above is BS!

Bicycle Horn
Bicycle Horn
3 years ago

Did they try a fire free zone sign? Maybe comrade Lopez could be a member of the Marxist national police force…as long as he votes CPUSA or democrat.

Anthony Jesus Alfaro
Anthony Jesus Alfaro
3 years ago

How do these Liberal judges sleep at nigh? I suppose not having a conscious is the answer