Suspicious link found between NV election system & Pakistani intelligence


True the Vote, a U.S. voter rights group, informed the Department of Justice on Dec. 3 of a link between the Nevada election emails system and a Pakistani company with alleged ties to military and intelligence.

The organization requested and received a voter file in an email from the State Department, but the message was copied to, which is the email for Waqas Butt, CEO of Pakistani-based Kavtech Solutions Ltd.

In a letter (pdf) to Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers, Catherine Engelbrecht, the president of True the Vote, wrote that she was shocked to discover the Pakistani address in the carbon copy field of the email.

“The fact that this company was cc’d on an email containing access to the Nevada voter registration database appears to be evidence of a breach within the Nevada Secretary of State’s email system,” Engelbrecht wrote.

“Obviously, the problems that such a breach may evidence include access to at least the voter registration information of Nevada residents. At worst it could reveal a breach that gives foreign power access to not only the State of Nevada’s systems but also to the email systems of anyone whom the State communicates with via email.”

We didn’t find any connection on Kavtech’s website, but maybe we wouldn’t since it’s military and intelligence — allegedly.

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3 years ago

“informed the Department of Justice on Dec. 3”

The DOJ is out to lunch until Biden enters the oval office; then the 2AM knocks will begin which will be rounding up dissenters and patriots! Of course I doubt Biden will ever be in the oval office but that’s what will begin. Remember Roger Stones early morning swat team entering his residence. The 2AM knock is covert and the next morning know one knows what happened to you. Welcome to totalitarian ways. IS it time to water the tree?

Jaunty Air
Jaunty Air
3 years ago

Waqas Butt!? Bwahaha! That has to be a fake name. Open borders and no watchers on the wall?
That should work out really well.
Ravishingly beautiful blonde with green eyes! What a way to brighten the day.
I’m hesitant to click on that kav link when not behind proxy.
BTW-tested your defenses from proxy and it wouldn’t let any comments through and page features were not shown.
Not up to anything and using all different nicks so an old hacker buddy doesn’t get loose.
One of the so called tolerant ones that is butthurt because I left the plantation.