Sussexes Car Chase Story Is Unraveling Fast


By now, you’ve heard the Sussexes were involved in a car chase with aggressive Paparazzi for two or three hours. Piers Morgan talked to the taxi driver, Mr. Singh. He said there was a lot of attention, and they looked scared, but he didn’t sense any danger. He only went around the block and took them back to their vans and bodyguards.

There was no wild two-hour car chase and near-collision in Mr. Singh’s cab. Perhaps there was another cab?

I grew up in New York and spent a lot of time there. There is no way to have a near-fatal car chase for two hours in the City. Allegedly a cameraman hit a car, and another nearly hit an NYPD officer. It strains credulity for anyone who knows New York City. There are so many cars and lights; police are everywhere. They must have watched Fast & Furious and decided to make it about themselves.

That’s the point Megyn Kelly made.

GB News has more information, and they don’t believe it. She makes good points about Princess Di.

This is the original story.

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