Swampy FBI Director Will NOT Cooperate with AG Barr


Hoover Institution fellow Paul Sperry says House minority leadership believes FBI Director Christopher Wray is not cooperating with Attorney General Barr and is part of the Spygate cover-up.

That would not be a surprise. Wray has always appeared to be a swamp creature. Just last month, Wray said Bill Barr’s use of the word ‘spying’ is not the word he would use.

Come on Chris, it is spying. The only question is if it was predicated.

Wray also told the Senate Appropriations Committee that there is no evidence of the Obama administration spying on Trump. That’s a careful play on words. It’s not the word he would use, but it is spying. The administration spied on his team, perhaps not Trump himself.

If Sperry is correct, why wouldn’t Wray cooperate with the Attorney General, other than to cover up FBI corruption?

Currently, there is a massive investigation led by Attorney General Barr, and aided by U.S. Attorney John Durham.


Wray is the one who reported the notes are missing from the meeting where disgraced agent Peter Strzok was told China was hacking Hillary’s emails. The CD was also irreparably damaged.

Strzok is believed to have lied during testimony in 2015 under a grilling by Louie Gohmert. He said China did not hack Hillary’s emails.


Wray still has not released the McCabe texts.



  1. The FBI is institutionally corrupt. The recruits come from universities dedicated to Marxism, Can you expect them to be patriotic Americans? Of course not,they are all swamp creatures. The FBI needs to be closed and then completely organized and staffed with declared patriots and supporters of President Trump. If that can be accomplished then the full weight of federal law enforcement can be brought against the Communists who have seized control of the old Democratic Party, and their plot to destroy the constitution and the Republc. It is a huge internal threat that must be confronted by the Trump Administration.

  2. If Trump allows this it will confirm he is not serious about investigations, but will use the issues for the election. He does not appear to have a killer instinct, is really not a very tough person. The obvious response is to fire Wray.

    • Maybe so. BUT, The Musical Chairs has been so much, it’s making the Admin Look BAD!. Gina Haspel at CIA appears to be doing the same thing! So, Slow and Careful Selections from now on, PLEASE!!!

  3. I have said all along, Christopher Wray is a Democrat and hates President Trump. He always seems to have that smirk on his face and his hair perfectly brushed. Wonder if he uses Hair Spray? Tom Fitton needs to do his magic on getting those papers from Wray.

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