Sweden and Finland to Join NATO So We Can Defend Them


Reuters reports that Sweden and Finland on Wednesday looked set for fast-track membership of NATO. Turkey lifted a veto on them joining, at a summit where the U.S.-led alliance is due to adopt a broad strategy. The strategy will focus on Russia and China for the next decade.

After talks in Madrid, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday agreed with his Finnish and Swedish counterparts on a series of security measures to allow the two Nordic countries to progress in their bid to join the U.S.-led alliance.

Sweden’s and Finland’s flags Wikimedia Commons

Sweden and Finland will prove a financial and security burden. We will have to defend them once they join. Will they pay their fair share?

There go your taxes – off to two more countries. This is as Biden is making us support Ukrainian workers while we can’t fill our gas tanks.

However, it’s good for the new world order. Europe can continue to drain our resources, especially if they can get a US-EU version of the Euro going.

NATO is supposed to be the North Atlantic Treaty Organization but it’s far beyond that. The Europeans don’t have an empire any longer. NATO is the US.


Meanwhile, Russia and China are economically uniting the Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and South American nations.

China said there is no attempt to form an Asian-Pacific NATO. Any attempt to set up “an Asia-Pacific version of NATO” would only bring more turmoil, Beijing says.

“We firmly oppose certain elements clamoring for NATO’s involvement in the Asia-Pacific, or an Asia-Pacific version of NATO on the back of military alliances,” Zhang Jun said at a UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday.

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