Bumbling Biden Wants to Lead the New World Order


Earlier we reported that Ukrainian President Zelensky, if he’s telling the truth, was told he would not be allowed into NATO, but publicly, the door would be left open. If true, it points to the possibility of NATO deliberately provoking Russia and setting up Ukraine.

Russia has been adamant about not allowing another border state to join NATO.

Why would they do it?

We have heard nothing about peace from the United States. The US is not de-escalating, only escalating. In fact, now all we hear is zero tolerance for a peaceful solution that rewards Putin in any way.

Meanwhile, millions of innocent people are dying. Ten million are displaced.

A war with Russia destroys our financial systems and reorders the world. It happens to help the Build Back Better, Great Reset tyrants.

Biden did suggest that is why it’s happening when he said we must lead the economic New World Order. The economic NWO is a feudalistic system in which the world elite will rule over the rest of us.

Joe Biden said he is going to lead us into the New World Order, as we report for the third time today. But, don’t worry, the New World Order is a conspiracy theory and we must not speak of it.


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