Syracuse University, Marxism, Absurd Demands, & Segregation


In an odd twist, a group of students at Syracuse University issued a list of demands to the Chancellor, Kent Syverud, which includes allowing students to choose roommates based on race — segregation. Martin Luther King’s values are gone.


Black students and leftist white allies at Syracuse University took over a campus building and demanded the school allow them to opt-out of rooming with white students in the college’s dorms.

“The general consensus is that black students, and we’re talking specifically on behalf of black students, may feel safer and better rooming with other Black students rather than saying the same race has an implementation of a profile system or a portal system. That includes interests as well as race,” a representative of the group “#NotAgainSU” declared.

This is the pathetic example of what has happened in our colleges, thanks to leftists.

Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud says he’ll work with the student protesters and that they have “good reason to fear” roommates who “harbor views of racism,” according to Campus Reform.

The white leftists want to make it appear as if we are living in 1964, and they’ve convinced some black students it is the case.


It blew up when a white supremacist manifesto was allegedly sent to some Syracuse University students’ cellphones and was found to be a hoax, the chancellor said Wednesday while claiming that the school fell short in responding to a string of racist incidents.

The screed was a copy of a New Zealand white supremacist killer. This allegedly came along with a series of bigoted graffiti and verbal slurs. They were hoaxes also.

No one directly received the manifesto, Chancellor Kent Syverud told the University Senate on Wednesday.


The Chancellor gave in to the radicals on 16 of these demands and made slight changes to the other three. These students are a handful compared to the entire population. Now they know all a small group of students has to do to get absurd demands met is occupy an office and start trouble.

It didn’t help that far-left Governor Cuomo pressured the Chancellor.

The demands basically call for “diversity” and segregation which is a bit of a conundrum. It’s Marxist dung.

Signed Response to S.U. Stu… by Jana Barnello on Scribd


Informed American is now hiding the information.


Kym McGowan, a social justice activist, has been arrested and charged for allegedly vandalizing the campus with anti-Semitic graffiti in midst of the race panic.



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