Taliban aren’t going to be ‘inclusive’ since women have to give birth


Ahmad Shah Massoud, 21 years ago: “From our point of view, a woman has no restrictions to pursue an education, to gain employment, to nominate herself for office, become a minister, a director, a deputy whatever she aspires to be.”

~ Natiq Malikzada, Tolo News

Background on Blinken and Austin Comments

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were disappointed this past week. It appears that the Taliban broke its promise of having an “inclusive” government, much to their dismay.

“We’re assessing the announcement but despite professing that a new government would be inclusive, the announced list of names consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates. And no women,” Blinken said at a news conference.

“The Taliban seek international legitimacy and support. Any legitimacy, any support, will have to be earned,” Blinken said.

Austin said: “You know, I think the whole international community was hopeful that they would be inclusive as they kind of said they would be weeks and months ago, but we’ve not seen evidence of that early on.”

Austin added that “we don’t get a choice” in who is involved in the Taliban’s government. He acknowledged that “certainly these are people that … I don’t look favorably upon[.]”

“The whole international community was hopeful?” Who are these people?

The Taliban has responded through a spokesperson.

The spokesperson has similar views to Rep. Alexandria O-Cortez, a ‘birthing’ person.

“A woman can’t be a minister, it is like you put something on her neck that she can’t carry. It is not necessary for a woman to be in the cabinet. They should give birth.”

The Taliban-er provides a new definition of ‘prostitutes.’

The women who worked in the US offices are whores. Women protesting in the streets are whores, according to him.

This guy has a lot in common with AOC. She thinks women are just ‘menstruating people’ or ‘birthing people.’


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