Taliban hate ISIS so much that they freed them from prisons


Our US administration is lying to us about everything. One of their lies is that the Taliban is somehow different from ISIS and the other terrorist groups. According to General MacKenzie and Joe Biden, the Taliban want international recognition so they were going to help us gather up Americans in Afghanistan to earn our goodwill.

This administration illegally negotiated with them.

That is mind-numbingly absurd. The Taliban has a history of extreme violence. They’re drug-addled sociopathic criminals. The Taliban are the same people as ISIS as Haqqani as Hamas as al Qaeda. They are all the same people and they all hate us.

The Biden administration actually gave the names of Americans, green card holders, and US supporters to the Taliban so they could help them get to the airport. This is while the Taliban is beating up anyone tied to America as well as raping children and women, and slaughtering families.

Pentagon officials said during a briefing on Friday that there was only one suicide bomber at Kabul airport on Thursday and not two, as was previously claimed, adding to confusion over the attack and fears for the ongoing operation on the ground.

“At the same briefing on Friday, Kirby revealed that thousands of terrorists from ISIS-K, the group responsible for the attack at the airport, escaped from Bagram prison earlier this summer after Biden’s troops cleared out from the base in July, leaving it to outnumbered Afghan forces to supervise them.

The Taliban released them twelve days ago. It’s on video (see below).

If the Taliban hate ISIS and are somehow different, why did they release all these ISIS prisoners?

And why didn’t we make accommodations for the prisoners before we left?

The prisoners were filmed being freed by the Taliban on August 15.

They headed in the direction of Kabul and the Kabul airport.


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