Taliban murder policewoman in front of her children and husband


The Taliban executed a pregnant police officer in front of her husband and children in her own home.

Banu Negar was killed at her home in Firozkoh in a door-to-door execution. Three gunmen tied up members of her family before shooting her dead. Taliban say her death was caused by “personal enmity or something else.”

The mother, who worked in the local prison, was eight months pregnant at the time of the execution on Saturday.

Pictures have circulated online showing blood-spattered walls in the house and her disfigured corpse.

The Taliban have been trying to project a more tolerant and moderate image of themselves since seizing power. That’s just fake propaganda.

But a number of incidents of horrific violence have been reported in Afghanistan under the repressive regime.

Fighters have been seen going door to door hunting former members of the Afghan security forces and Western allies.

Earlier this week, a top Afghan female cop went on the run after suffering a ‘brutal beating’ from the Taliban.

Gulafroz Ebtekar, believed to be 34, was a deputy head of criminal investigations in Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry and is seen as a role model for Afghan women with a notable media presence.



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