Thousands of potential hostages and children stranded in Afghanistan


The situation after Afghanistan will get much worse. At least one school superintendent believes thousands of US citizens and SIVs and their children are stranded in Afghanistan.

The Sacramento Bee reported the Superintendent of Cajon Valley Union School District in San Diego County believes the numbers of students known to be trapped in Afghanistan will grow over the coming days and weeks.

Rep. Darrel Issa and a tactical team on the ground in Kabul have helped extract nearly two dozen students so far.

The Sacramento Bee didn’t bother mentioning Darrel Issa because he’s a Republican.

“There are thousands of students and children there in the same predicament that will start to unfold, I think, in the coming days and weeks,” Superintendent Miyashiro told The Sacramento Bee in an interview Wednesday night. “Our story was first because we knew them. We knew they were there and raised attention to it.

“But now that there’s no travel out of Afghanistan, I think that Afghanistan families will start to show up as missing in school districts in California, in Virginia … and in other pockets across the southern United States where there are large Afghanistan families located.”

The report stated further:

Sacramento resident Huma, her husband, and her three Ethel I. Baker Elementary students are among those still in Kabul. Baker Elementary Principal Nate McGill connected The Sacramento Bee with the family this week. They went to the airport multiple times in hopes of getting on a flight home to Sacramento, where they have lived for four years, but to no avail.”

“Speaking to the Bee this week, Huma said shots were fired by both the Taliban and U.S. forces. Huma said she was shot at. She said families were tear-gassed as the U.S. forces tried dispersing the crowds, as many people crouched over to cover their children.”

“Can you imagine we spent seven days in this crowd area firing?” Huma wrote in text messages.

We also know that many American University students and teachers, women’s soccer players, and girl’s orchestra professionals are in hiding in Afghanistan to avoid enslavement and death.

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