Teacher Fired for Telling Students to Call Pedophiles “Minor Attracted Persons”


by A.J., a victim of sexual molestation as a child

A high school teacher who defended pedophiles to her students has been fired by her Texas school board.

In an 18-second clip uploaded to TikTok, Franklin High School teacher Amber Parker is heard urging her students to call pedophiles “Minor Attracted Persons.”

Parker, 53, taught English at the El Paso school.

The school district was immediately informed of the incident. An investigation was launched, leading to Parker’s suspension and subsequent firing.

I was molested by my father, and it destroyed my life. When I was five, he grabbed one of my classmates and molested him.

Several of my classmates beat me up for what my father did.

The awful man went to prison for six months and laughed at the judge for letting him off so easily. He mocked him because he outsmarted him.

Pedophiles are dangerous and need to be called what they are, or we will risk normalizing them.

They steal your very core, and nothing is ever the same again.

MAPS is a thing, don’t let it be, please. Watch this next clip.

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