Team Biden Gives EPA Control of Power Plant Regulation


The Biden administration reversed a Trump-era rule and again gave the EPA power over power plant regulation. Congress is nowhere to be found. Team Biden’s stated goal is to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Coal Power Plant


In late June of last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency cannot put state-level caps on carbon emissions under the 1970 Clean Air Act. Such authority would, in effect, steer states away from coal and toward other types of power sources that emit less carbon. The Court said that, instead, the authority to decide how power is created in the U.S. must come from Congress.

The Bidenistas found a way around it

Following the decision June 2022, the Biden administration planned to use other regulatory tools to achieve similar goals.

A key part of the plan was to restrict further other pollutants that coal-burning power plants emit, such as soot, mercury, and nitrous oxides — a move that also will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2020 decision, the EPA claimed, was based “on a fundamentally flawed interpretation of the Clean Air Act that improperly ignored or undervalued vital health benefits from reducing hazardous air pollution from power plants.”

Experts stated that the SCOTUS decision curtails the authority of the EPA under one provision of the Clean Air Act. Still, it doesn’t curtail all EPA authority or preclude federal, state, or local government action on climate change.

Health, as well as healthcare costs, need to be adequately considered in all levels of government decision-making on air pollution and climate change. There are huge health benefits that can be achieved through timely action.

They granted themselves control over power plants once again

Thus, this week, the White House reversed a Trump-era rule stripping the Environmental Protection Agency of some regulatory oversight over power plants, hailing the reversal as a win for “public health.”

They can use public health to implement any tyrannical rule they want.

The EPA said in a press release on Friday that the “Biden-Harris administration” had “reverse[d] a rule issued by the previous administration in May 2020,” which “undermined the legal basis” for the EPA’s rulemaking authority regarding “​​mercury, acid gases, and other harmful pollutants.”

“For years, Mercury and Air Toxics Standards have protected the health of American communities nationwide, especially children, low-income communities, and communities of color who often and unjustly live near power plants,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in the announcement.

“This finding ensures the continuation of these critical, life-saving protections while advancing President Biden’s commitment to making science-based decisions and protecting the health and well-being of all people and all communities.”

These people are dictators, and no amount of court cases will stop them from destroying our fossil fuel industry even though there is nothing to replace it.

They ignore the states again

The federal government is rejecting the Arkansas state plan. They don’t care about the law. They only care about finding a way around it. The federal government is becoming way too big and powerful and far more dangerous.

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9 months ago


1 year ago

The EPA was missing in action when it came to the East Palestine Derailment and now they want to destroy the use of Fossil Fuels with no viable alternatives. In the New Budget, the House needs to Defund and Dismantle the EPA. It’s Useless!

Congress can create Minimal National guidelines and the State EPA’s can implement them as appropriate. America doesn’t Need Communist style Central Planning. After we are the UNITED STATES of America.

The problems associated with Pollution were due mostly because the Federal Government neglected the application of Monopoly and Anti-Trust Laws to keep Big Business in Check. The Federal Government also seemed to limit the power of States to go after out of State Corporations for the pollution they created in other States. It was corporations who wanted the EPA so pollution regulations were uniform. The States aren’t Uniform. A good example is California which has much stricter Environmental regulations than most other States.

The Federal Government should set minimum standards and the States should deal with the issues in the Courts if need be. Implementing the same regulations in Big Sky Country as in California and the North East simply doesn’t make sense! What makes more sense is say populated areas having higher local restrictions and wide open areas being able to relax regulations. We also need to allow States to be able to hold corporations responsible. Ohio should be able to hold Norfolk Southern Railway liable for every bit of the pollution they caused in East Palestine without Federal Government interference. Just a State would hold an Oil Company responsible for pollution. The Federal Government protects too many industries from liability. No Corporation should be protected from Liability!

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The puny ‘Napoleonic’ dickheads living under the ‘delusion’ that they have ALL the answers, step aside God, will have their way…wait for the infighting that is bound to come…and with the help of their loathsome , insipid and despicable allies in the ‘media’ are stepping up the entrenchment of the next Dark Age, which we have already entered…the most tyrannical, it would appear, in recorded history

1 year ago

Another nail in America’s coffin that Americans will ignore.