Teen in Extremist Muslim Camp Said He Was Being Trained to Kill Infidels


Reuters reports that a 13-year old boy at the extremist Muslim camp in New Mexico was being trained by his mother’s boyfriend to commit ‘jihad’ against infidels. Oh, and about the toddler who was killed during an exorcism, defense lawyers said the parents were exercising their religious rights.

The 13-year old was one of eleven children dressed in rags and living in squalor in the camp without food or clean water.

An FBI special agent filed a criminal complaint saying the 13-year old boy alleged that ringleader Siraj Wahhaj wanted to “get an army together” for jihad. The boy and another teen were trained in “firearms and military techniques”. It included “rapid reloads and hand-to-hand combat”.

The teen told them “jihad meant killing non-believers on behalf of Allah”. This was according to the affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in New Mexico.

The boy also told the officers about the exorcism ritual and how his mother talked to God. She told him not to tell anyone about the toddler’s death or they’d all “go to jail”.

During one of the exorcism rituals, the 3-year old boy choked and died, he said.

Defense lawyers actually said that the five adults were exercising their constitutional rights to practice their religion and own firearms. They also said the group is being discriminated against because they are black and Muslim.

Two judges have ordered these loons released for lack of evidence but the FBI currently has custody of the five extremist Muslims while prosecutors in New Mexico gather evidence.

Looks like a terror cell.


Judge Was “Troubled” But Freed Suspects in Extremist Muslim Compound Case

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