Teens & police shot in Obama’s home district as he celebrates his super-spreader birthday party


Former President Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday Saturday night at a ritzy party at Martha’s Vineyard. Guests did not wear masks at the COVID super-spreader event. Meanwhile, back in Obama’s home district of Chicago, teenagers and police officers were shot and killed.

In yet another violent weekend in Chicago, 73 people were shot, 11 of them fatally. Two teenagers were among the wounded. Many people were shot in drive-by shootings. Several victims were shot in the back.

A female Chicago police officer was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop Saturday night. Her partner was shot and severely wounded. This happened during Obama’s glamorous star-studded party.

Three mass shootings occurred within a 10-hour time frame. Seven people were shot in a single incident, including a woman who was shot in the back. One man was shot eight times. All this while Obama danced without a mask.

Five people were shot at 1 a.m. Sunday when a gunman opened fire on security guards who wouldn’t let him into a club. One of the security guards was killed. Three innocent bystanders were also shot. Obama was laughing it up with his friends.

Four men, all in their 20s, were shot Saturday night in a park when someone drove by and fired from the car. Obama was having a great time at his birthday party. But 11 people killed in Chicago this weekend will never see another birthday.

No one can even remember the last time former President Obama visited his home district of Chicago. He is in party mode while Chicago residents fear for their lives. If black lives matter, they don’t matter to Obama. He has been mute on the subject.

So again I say, black lives don’t matter. They certainly don’t matter to former President Obama.

Image from: wionews.com

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