Terror-tied MAS gets to investigate itself over kids’ chopping heads video


Children are indoctrinated into hate and violence in Philadelphia, but the terror-tied group responsible gets to investigate themselves. Not only that, these groups get taxpayer dollars and the U.S. State Department lies for them.

After small children (above) were heard singing about chopping heads off and destroying Jerusalem in a video posted to the Muslim American Society (MAS) Facebook page, the society was the only one investigating.

The quickie investigation found that it was a “mistake,” an “oversight,” and it won’t happen again. The person responsible has been fired, according to them, but the name of that person was not published.

The group responsible was obviously radicalizing the children in Philadelphia, on U.S. soil. MAS, co-founded by Mohammed Akef (former head of Muslim Brotherhood), has very close ties to the Brotherhood.


Rep. Lee Zeldin. a reservist, said MAS’ response is even more infuriating, especially given the group’s alleged connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, something MAS denies.

“It indicates that maybe they aren’t outraged at the fact that they are radicalizing and indoctrinating their own children, it’s that maybe they’re upset they exposed themselves by posting the video onto their own Facebook account,” Zeldin said. “I’m very bothered by it.”
He said it’s unacceptable that MAS is investigating itself.

“They had children talking about chopping off of heads, liberating Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said. “The message isn’t one that you play and have these kids talk about unintended. That’s unacceptable and obviously unbelievable.”

It’s Been Going on for Years and the State Department Lied For Them

“The Palestinians have anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate – they incite violence in their own classrooms,” Zeldin said.

“This has been going on for years. The United States, in the past, has supplemented efforts to fight back against the hate that’s in the Palestinian textbooks.”

Zeldin said information from a recently declassified report shows the State Department lied to Congress about Palestinian education.

“So we introduced legislation to improve the reporting from the State Department to apply pressure to the Palestinians to have them to correct the material, because as we saw in that video in Philadelphia, this is something that is happening every day on the ground in schools and in mosques overseas, and that needs to be fought there as we see it manifest itself as we see the news over the weekend with over 600 rockets launched from Gaza to Israel,” Zeldin said.


Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go into these groups! Why? They are a religious organization and they are terror-tied! This is nuts!

Muslim scholar Dr. Qanta Ahmed said the IRS and the government need to look into the funding behind the video where children are parroting terrorist ideology while parents are recording it on American soil.

“The Muslim American Society has a history of being founded by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1993. That’s confirmed in FBI investigations,” Ahmed told “Fox & Friends First” Monday morning.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is the mothership of Islamist terrorism and central to that is a cosmic enmity with Judaism, so they have major problems furthermore there’s been investigations by the Middle East Forum that American taxpayer finances go to groups like this to the tune of $310,000 since 2007, going to groups like the Muslim American Society, though over $47 million goes to groups.

She added that terrorists see indoctrinating children as their investments as part of a global assault on Jews.

“This is a form of contemporary anti-Semitism,” Ahmed said. “This is Islamist anti-Semitism which is very troubling, and it plays, not only here into the demonization and dangers against Jews, but the global delegitimization and assault on Israel that we’re seeing now in Gaza.”


The UAE designated them a TERROR GROUP AND THEY ARE!

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