Terrorist-friendly network CNN asks 1979 terrorist how she feels about U.S.


CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed the terrorist who served as a spokesperson and organizer in 1979 when the U.S. embassy workers were kidnapped and held as hostages. Amanpour wanted to know what she thought about Mark Esper’s call for peace.

Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Massoumeh Ebtekar said the United States took terrorist actions in assassinating their commander and with the sanctions. Amanpour didn’t push back at all. In fact, she was supportive.

She let her run on and on with propaganda. Watch the full interview after this short clip.


Ebtekar called the monster Soleimani, “the commander of the hearts.” She was allowed to talk about how awful the U.S. is and how great Iran is as they allegedly fight for freedom. Soleimani was only singled out for his righteousness, said Ebtekar.

Amanpour finally mentioned most people don’t feel the same way she does. Ebtekar contradicted her, saying she thinks the hearts and minds are with her. Actually, the Democrats and their media are with them, and she mentioned the people in the U.S., even on CNN, who support Iran.

She said the U.S. has to leave (so Iran can take over).

Amanpour actually portrayed Ebteker as “a committed revolutionary. You were very prominent in the early days of the Islamic revolution, but you became more of a reformist as well, and you supported the negotiations for the Iran nuclear deal and diplomacy to …. settle some issues.”

Watch the full video:

Ebtekar acknowledged in a televised interview in 1979 that she’d shoot those same hostages in their heads if the U.S. tried to rescue them.


Here she is screaming, “Down with the USA.”

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