Biden Released $10 Billion to the Terrorists in Iran Last Month


As the New York Post mentioned yesterday, the Biden administration renewed the waiver on sanctions against Iran just last month. That meant another $10 billion was released to Iran during the Israel-Hamas war.

That was three weeks after three US servicepeople were killed by a drone attack launched by Iran proxies in Jordan.

So, when Iran sent about 300 to 350 drones and missiles into Israel, we helped make that happen. We are funding both sides of the war, which is insane. When we send money to Gaza, Hamas grabs it, which is another problem.

While the State Department maintains the funds can only be accessed by Iran to pay for humanitarian supplies, like food and medicine, critics of the sanctions waiver argue that money is fungible and that the waiver frees up cash for Iran to spend on its global terrorism operations.

The regime knows it’s nonsense. They’re not stupid. Well, Biden is, but not the others. John Kerry even admitted that he knows some of it is used for terrorism.

Iran uses the money that is released for domestic needs, and the rest of its budget goes to terror around the world.

The Biden administration tries to claim it’s necessary to wean Iraq off Iranian energy, but critics say it is no longer necessary.

These terrorists were flush with cash when they launched those drones and missiles at Israel, and we did it.

The whole idea of sanctions is to avoid war. In the case of Russia, the West used sanctions stupidly, so only the West suffered. In this case, Biden decided to enrich terrorists. We have terrorists here.

Hezbollah Flag Waved Outside of the NY Stock Exchange

We have Hezbollah stolen car networks throughout the US, and we have terrorists coming through our borders. Instead of the FBI looking for parading grandmas who went into the Capitol on J6, shouldn’t they round up some of these terrorists at the rages they call protests?

What do people think cartels are? They are terrorists.

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