Terry McAuliffe SPOX: “Can We Try to KILL THIS”


On Thursday Christina Freundlich, a top spokesperson for Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia gubernatorial campaign accidentally included a Fox News Digital reporter, Tyler O’Neil, in a group email.

The email referenced internal communications over how to “kill” a story about the campaign hiring top Democratic legal operative Marc Elias, who is accomplished at doing exactly that.

Shortly after O’Neil sent his email, O’Neil received a note from Freundlich calling to kill the story and to which she added, “To dispute the challenges of the election,” according to Fox News.

Elias is likely already looking at challenges. He’s the dossier-Hillary lawyer who tried to get Rep. Tenney removed after she clearly won her election.

At the same time, Reuters is helping to twist the Tiki torch story. They posted an article calling the fake white supremacists anti-Trump Republicans. First of all, no one thinks they are Republicans any longer, but, second, and more importantly, they did not bother to mention that the torchbearers were McAuliffe and Democrat operatives.

They did spread The Lincoln Project’s propaganda about Charlottesville. The Project claimed they set it up to remind people of Charlottesville, pretending Antifa and BLM weren’t also violent in Charlottesville.

The Democrat smear and cheat machine is in full gear.

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