Colin Kaepernick Says NFL Training Camp Is Like Buying Slaves


In his next Netflix special, Marxist agitator Colin Kaepernick says the NFL training camp is synonymous with literally buying slaves. The coming attractions in the clip below sports actual players put on auction blocks. It’s remarkably absurd, even for Kaepernick who seems to want to destroy the NFL.

We’ve heard this kind of thing before. Some NFL players think they’re slave labor for millions of dollars a year.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said in 2017 that these players who make millions of dollars to entertain us — not to express their hatred of America — are treated like “commodities” and as something “less than human”. Al Sharpton and a number of leftist talking heads said they are being treated as “slaves”.

DeAndre Hopkins said he felt like a slave.

“It feels like I’m a slave again. Listen to the master, go to work,” Hopkins told GQ Magazine. “We realize now what goes on above us. You can’t sugarcoat that.”

When was he a slave the first time?

Now we have Kaepernick with another absurd proclamation. When will people finally say, ‘enough?’

Watch this absolutely ridiculous clip that is not meant to be satire. There is a solution. Don’t take the jobs. White NFL players are treated exactly the same way so stop it.

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