Texas Gov. Abbott Deploying Tank-like Personnel Carriers to Stop Cartel “Invasion”


Texas Gov. Abbott Deploying Tank-like Personnel Carriers to Stop Cartel “Invasion”


by James S. Soviero


The Texas National Guard is set to deploy ten tank-like armored personnel carriers along the state’s border with Mexico — days after Gov. Greg Abbott declared that record-breaking levels of illegal immigration amount to an “invasion by the Mexican drug cartels.”

In a move not widely covered by corrupt corporate media outfits, Abbott is readying the use of M113 armored personnel carrier vehicles. They ride on tank-style treads rather than wheels, which allow them to negotiate rough terrain. Their deployment will be part of the Republican governor’s Operation Lone Star.

The bulletproof, explosion-resistant troop carriers can be outfitted with weaponry, including heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, and anti-tank missiles. The US and its European allies have recently sent several hundred M113s to Ukraine for use in its fight against Russia.

M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

At this point, one might wonder if the Russians have killed more Americans than the Mexican cartels. It’s not even close. For the last two years, crime outfits below our border have been pouring deadly fentanyl into the bodies of our young people to the sick tune of well over 100,000 deaths. The Russians, meanwhile, have been too busy counting their own bodies in Ukraine to kill our citizens.

The carriers, along with stepped-up “aircraft flights and security efforts” along the border, “are part of a larger strategy to use every available tool to fight back against the record-breaking level of illegal immigration,” the Texas Military Department said Friday.

Last week, Abbott slammed President Biden in a letter that blamed his “open-border policies” for the ongoing “invasion” of migrants at the southern border — and warned that Texas will “invoke our constitutional authority to defend ourselves.”

With an average of 300 Americans dying from drug overdoses every day, he should HURRY UP!

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1 year ago

Start shooting Illegal Aliens as an Invading Army and Terrorist and they won’t just stop coming, they will go back home. It’s time to get serious. Congress has already set the president that they don’t need to be armed invaders and you can kill those invaders just like Ashey Babbit was killed by the Capitol Police. Texas has every right under the Constitution to repel an Invasion by any means Necessary. Leaders who refuse to repel an Invasion are Traitors. Congressmen who refuse to make Leaders do their job are both Cowards and Traitors!