New Pandemic Treaty Draft Usurps Sovereignty of 194 Nations


The ADVANCED DRAFT of the World Health Organizations’s Pandemic Treaty has leaked. It overrules domestic laws and the Constitution in the US and every member nation. The advanced draft usurps sovereignty and freedom on behalf of the collective worldwide. It conforms to The Great Reset. [Read It Below]

This week, we discovered the Biden regime’s HHS report is calling for forever masking and social distancing. Read this treaty with that in mind.

US State Department Secretary Blinken Meets with World Health Organization Director-General Ghebreyesus (51346538759).jpg

The treaty appears to overrule doctors, hospitals, and all medical facilities, including nursing homes, forcing them to follow WHO directives on masks, quarantines, social distancing, and economic lockdowns. Lockdowns are proven failures. Passports will follow.

The treaty appears to have adopted the Chinese Communist model of a Maoist collective. It establishes a medical police state in the event of a pandemic. Recently, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO chief, declared Monkeypox a global health emergency against the recommendations of his advisory panel. This one man assumes that kind of power. Also, he is a known sympathizer of the Chinese regime.

Joe Biden wants to quickly sign the treaty without including Congress. He represents the Collective, not individual freedom.

In the advanced draft, on p.12, they define Sovereignty [bold is ours]: States have, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law, the sovereign right to determine and manage their approach to public health, notably pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems pursuant to their own policies and legislation provided that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to other States and their peoples. Sovereignty also covers the rights of States over their biological resources.

To us, it sounds like, in the end, we’re turning our sovereignty over to Tedros. We are subservient, as every nation will become subservient. Doesn’t it depend on how they define activities that damage others, such as not locking down, perhaps?

James Roguski listed ten things you need to know on his substack, and if he’s right, they are deeply concerning. He is warning against the global collective. Here’s his list paraphrased:
  1. Power Grab: The WHO plans to be in charge and mentions it three times as WHO’s central role (WHO CA+). PP. 10, 13, AND 22.
  2. Words not defined are pandemic, response, preparedness, prevention, recovery, public health, equity, and pandemic response products. Article I, p. 11.
  3. Ignoring the obvious: The WHO never mentions the words – doctor, early treatment, natural, vitamins, herbs, gain-of-function, or essential medicines.
  4. Deadly Speed: pp. 15-16, it recommends speeding up the process of approving drugs and vaccines.
  5. Simulations: Article 12, p. 21. They want more simulations and tabletop exercises. [Keep us in a constant state of fear?]
  6. Compliance: Article 20, p. 27. It advocates for a global peer review mechanism and a governing body of the WHO CA+ to approve procedures and mechanisms to promote compliance.
  7. Censorship, Article 16, p. 24 essentially sets up The Ministry of Truth that tackles “misleading misinformation or disinformation” and strengthens “research into the behavioral barriers and drivers of adherence to public health measures, confidence and uptake of vaccines, use of therapeutics, and trust in science and government institutions.
  8. More Drugs: Article 17, P. 25 pushes more “affordable” drugs, which means the US will pay plenty.
  9. Money Grab: It’s a money grab to pay for the pandemic response products for the world. Article 18, pp. 25-26.
  10. Bureaucracy, Article 19, pp 26-27, It would institute the world bureaucracy of WHO CA+ to essentially duplicate the World Health Assembly with a “Governing Body” ruled over by two presidents, four vice presidents, and a Conference of the Parties much like that which promotes “climate change.”
Mises.Org rejects it on the grounds of sovereignty and freedom.

Those that support the Pandemic Treaty ignore the core principles of liberal thought and the principles of democratic governance, as they do not, as Ludwig von Mises put it, “see any reason why they should not by means of force coerce other people to do what these people are not prepared to do of their own accord.”

The treaty’s advocates believe that it is acceptable to employ large-scale central planning to coerce people into doing “the right thing” based on value judgments that are not theirs. It does not matter to them, continues Mises, that “the apparatus of physical compulsion resorted to in such endeavors is that of the government’s police power or an illegal “picket” force whose violence the government tolerates…. What matters is the substitution of compulsion for voluntary action.”

Rule by the collective destroys individual liberty.


The draft begins with the example below. The word usage of “shall” or “should” is curious. In the case of Democrats, they will take it as “shall,” no matter what. Democrats believe in tyranny when they choose to do so.

The approach conforms to The Great Reset.

Example 1:

Example ! of the Pandemic Treaty



Draft World Medical Proposal by Maura

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1 year ago

A Treaty can’t overrule the Constitution and the present Supreme Court will strike the World Health Organizations’ Treaty down thanks to President Trump.

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