Texas National Guard Soldier Arrested for Smuggling an Illegal Alien


News Nation reporter Ali Bradley said a Texas National Guard soldier was caught trying to smuggle an illegal alien into the country over the weekend for $5000 or $6000 in cash. The soldier was deployed to Eagle Pass under Operation Lone Star and was busted smuggling illegal immigrants in a government vehicle on Sunday.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe says the soldier turned around when he approached a popup tactical Border Patrol checkpoint. That alerted agents who attempted to stop him. Texas DPS got involved in the pursuit and used spike strips to stop his vehicle.

Gov. Abbott said if this is true, he’s a “traitor and criminal.”

Texas DPS confirms 26-year-old Texas State Guard Solider Savion Johnson was arrested Sunday and is facing charges including evading arrest, smuggling of persons, and unlawful carry of a weapon.

If convicted, he faces at least ten years in prison.

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