Texas Sues Biden for Illegally Pre-Approving Migrants on an App


Joe Biden’s DHS allows migrants who seek asylum to enter the US via a mobile app approval system. They are still unvetted and illicit, but it expedites their illegal immigration.

Texas is suing the administration.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration on Tuesday for “illegally pre-approving” migrants to enter the United States through a mobile app that Paxton argues encourages illegal immigration.

Biden’s administration sold this as a way to reduce illegal immigration.

Migrants can use the easily downloadable mobile app to circumvent the administration’s new rule.

The mobile app, known as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) One, entices foreign nationals living in Mexico who are pregnant, mentally ill, elderly, disabled, homeless, or crime victims to schedule an appointment with agents at the border in the hopes of being released into American communities.

Foreign nationals in Mexico can submit their application for an appointment through the CBP One app up to 14 days in advance and then show up at eight Ports of Entry in Arizona, Texas, and California for their appointment.

Paxton said the Biden administration “deliberately conceived of this phone app with the goal of illegally pre-approving more foreign aliens to enter the country and go where they please once they arrive.”

Paxton said in a statement:

Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the entire Biden Administration have prioritized creating and protecting new ways for illegal aliens to stream into this country, no matter the cost or consequence to struggling American citizens. Time after time, my office has shown that we will fight back in court to defeat their unlawful open-borders policies. We intend to stop this rule from wreaking further havoc on the people of Texas.

The administration absurdly claims it allows a safe and orderly process.

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