Lawsuit to Get the Hidden Film of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy


The heirs of Orville Nix want his 60-year-old home movie of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The federal government has hidden it for years, reports the New York Post.

There appears to be a man with a rifle in this photo.

Many believe it is the greatest unsolved mystery of our times. There was a man allegedly hunkered down in the grassy knoll, and a grainy photo appeared. The trajectory of the bullet seemed improbable or impossible. There were many other questions.

The term conspiracy theory was created for the Kennedy assassination in 1964. Many believe the CIA planted the term.

With new technology, the Nix movie could show once and for all if there was more than one shooter of the President.

This has been an unsolved tragedy and will continue until we get every hidden document and film.

Mr. Nix was supposed to get this film back in 1978, six years after he died. His heirs tried and got nowhere.

The National Archives claims they don’t have it, but there is proof they do.

Time is running out as the reel reaches the end of its life.

New Technology Could Answer Long-Sought Questions

The heirs of Orville Nix, a Dallas maintenance man who recorded the moment of Kennedy’s death with his home-movie camera, have tried for years to get his original film back from the government’s clutches.

With recent advances in digital image processing, the original film “would essentially be a new piece of evidence,” Jefferson Morley, author of ‘The Ghost’ and other books about the CIA, explained. “There’s a significant loss in quality between the first and second generation” of an analog film like Nix’s.

The Zapruder home movie is still available but doesn’t show an unobstructed view of the grassy knoll. The Nix film does.

This is a frame-by-frame of most of the Zapruder home movie. Kennedy was shot twice. The theory is that the bullet that hit Connelly went through him and hit Kennedy. Many believe this unlikely.


Nix’s clip, unlike the better-known film shot by Abraham Zapruder, was taken from the center of Dealey Plaza as the presidential limousine drove into an ambush on Elm Street in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

It provides an unobstructed view of the “grassy knoll” at the time of the shooting.

Nix’s original film was last examined in 1978 by photo experts hired by the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Based in part on that analysis, the panel concluded that Kennedy “was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy” and that “two gunmen” likely fired at him.

But the technology of the time left the experts in doubt about whether Nix’s movie captured those alleged marksmen — and the complete, original film disappeared without a trace. Only imperfect copies remain, including one that flashed on theater screens in Oliver Stone’s “JFK.”

The Classic Trailer of the Stone movie:

Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald insisted he “was just a patsy.”

Oliver Stone’s movie, JFK.

Stone envisioned a conspiracy with a host of culprits.

“JFK is probably the finest Hollywood assassination/conspiracy movie ever made. At the peak of his powers, Stone skillfully demolishes the Warren Commission Report piece by piece, constructing an alternative history wherein Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner plays the New Orleans DA, who is a bit of canny casting, portrays Earl Warren!) leads an all-star cast on an epic quest for the truth to find out who killed Camelot’s king. And, most importantly, as Donald Sutherland’s inside man Col. Fletcher Prouty ponders in this exhaustively well-researched film: “Why?”

Stone was subjected to a wave of character assassinations for this film.

Forty-five years later, computer-enhanced analysis of the original frames could finally solve the mystery.

The new suit, a 52-page filing in the US Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., is loaded with dozens of documents that meticulously trace the winding path taken by the original film since Nix created it.

It might tell us about the multiple shots that hit Kennedy and ended his life.

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His brain disappeared in 1966.


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