Text encourages Chicago police to call in sick, limit arrests


Along with a spike in violence in Chicago this past weekend comes a new push by members of the police union to get officers on the street to stand down – and even stay home.

A text was sent telling officers not to volunteer to work on days off, to limit arrests, and to call in sick to make a statement to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the City Council about how much officers are needed.

The head of the Fraternal Order of Police is not denouncing the move. But the mayor calls it stupid.

This weekend was one of Chicago’s bloodiest in years, with at least 104 people shot between 5 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday and 14 of them killed.

“The FOP Lodge 7 cannot advocate for it [a sickout] because of the contract,” the text message reads. But, it adds, “individual officers can.”

The end goal of the blue flu is to get the mayor and the command staff to support the rank and file.

John Catanzaro, the newly-elected president of the FOP Lodge 7 representing the CPD’s officers, didn’t come out in support the ‘blue flu’ but said in recent weeks, they’ve had canceled days off and mandatory 12-hour shifts stemming from protests and looting.

“We told people, if they’re canceling your days off this weekend, I would encourage you to consider not reporting to your canceled off-day,” Catanzara said.

The text said, “Just answer your calls and back each other up,” the text states. “Other than that, zero.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s reaction was, “When something stupid like that happens to basically tell officers to abandon their post, that is the height of dereliction of duty.”

She is responsible for the mess her city is in but she’s great at slamming everyone else.

The police contract expired three years ago. The politicians have zero appreciation of the men in blue but are quick to demonize them.

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
3 years ago

If the blue out becomes a method of push back with our men and women in blue, I think the electorate in the large urban cities such as Chicago are going to think twice about notions such as defunding police. If they keep electing Mayors and City Councilmen who despise local law enforcement, we just might see a 21st century with out police departments. If enough rank and file police officers do not get the support from local officials that they need then the same rank and file just might be willing to turn in their badges and find another line of work.

billybob texas
billybob texas
3 years ago

I don’t think the ‘ineptness and corruption’ in Chicago mayors has anything to do with their race or DNA of their parents. The people of Chicago have a very distinct propensity to elect Crooks and Imbeciles.

Over and over again. “Can’t fix Stoopid..’

Sieg Zerstoerer
Sieg Zerstoerer
3 years ago

The Chicongo PD should just pull back to the city limits and set up barricades to keep the animals in, let them eat each other.

The normal people there-if there are any left-need to get rid of their Black, Vietnamese, Lesbian mayor and try again.