Thanks to Help from Moscow, Biden’s Iran Deal Endangers the World


As the US engages in a proxy war with Russia, the Biden administration is allowing Russia to help facilitate the terms of the sham deal. This is bizarre, but it’s true.

The nuclear agreement currently being finalized with Iran will directly endanger the national security of the United States and our regional partners, according to Biden’s own negotiators who resigned over the issue.

With Moscow playing a key role, the new nuclear agreement will ultimately enable Iran to gain hegemony over the Middle East. Iran has for decades maintained its role as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.

The deal is alienating our allies, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE.

An opinion piece at The Hill outlined the dangerous clauses in the bill. It was written by General Chuck Wald and Vice admiral John Bird. General Chuck Wald is a former deputy commander of U.S. European Command and a Distinguished Fellow at JINSA. Vice admiral John Bird commanded the U.S. 7th Fleet and is a member of JINSA’s Iran Policy Project.

The Iran deal does the following:
  • It gives Iran a legitimized, industrial-scale nuclear weapons program less than a decade from now.
  • Tehran’s “breakout time” is only six to seven months, reflecting U.S. concessions that permit Iran to retain the advanced enrichment centrifuges it has improved significantly since it began serially violating the JCPOA in 2019.
  • Timeframes in the deal are a mere six to eight years. After that, Iran can possess an unrestricted nuclear program and dash to a bomb without inspectors potentially ever detecting it.
  • It ends the U.N. Security Council ban on Tehran’s development of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of targeting the U.S. homeland.
  • Within three years, the deal also removes the basis for any further United Nations sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, without requiring it to divulge its covert efforts to build a bomb, even as Tehran continually flouts its legally-binding safeguards obligations.
  • The new nuclear agreement also gives the radical regime in Tehran tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief. It will fuel heightened regional aggression against U.S. soldiers, our national security interests, and our allies — all at a time when American strategists must prioritize strategic competition with China and Russia.
Iran insists on recognition of their terrorist group as non-terrorists:
  • In addition, the Iranians are demanding that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) be removed from the U.S. terrorist list. Such a move would weaken U.S. counterterrorism at home while also sending a dangerous signal to the Middle East about how America views the IRGC’s brutal expansion of Iranian military power in places like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Any one of these should end the deal but we have psychos running our administration.

Former DNI Ratcliffe dealt with this issue and several others on Sunday with Maria Bartiromo.

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