Joe Biden’s the “Center…the Planet Which Moons in the Family”… Revolve


Hunter Biden’s corruption is Joe Biden’s corruption, according to investigative reporters Peter Schweizer and Miranda Devine. Both Schweizer and Devine have probed the Biden family and Hunter Biden specifically.

They discussed Biden family corruption on Maria Bartiromo’s show Sunday. Miranda Devine confirmed that “the big guy” is clearly Joe Biden. “All corrupt deals lead to Joe,” Schweizer added, “He is at the center. He is the planet which the moons in the family Hunter Biden and James Biden revolve.”

“My only concern is the issue of the statute of limitations. Remember, this grand jury was convened in 2018 when COVID happened. They stepped aside and did not meet, so they lost about a year-end half. So hopefully, we will hear something from the grand jury very soon.”

“I think they got him dead to rights on tax evasion. The money laundering and other charges are equally very troublesome from team Biden and their nightmare scenario is that there is a trial. They want to deal even if Hunter goes to jail for a little bit. They do not want to trial that will highlight the role the Joe Biden played in all of this.”

Ms. Devine said she thinks Merrick Garland was burned over the investigation of parents last year and will let the Hunter Biden investigation go on. The FBI appears most interested in his tax invasion.

Schweizer said Joe isn’t the “rock star” right now and Democrats will let him go, even if it means the [inept] Vice President gets the job.

He said that the exposed cover-up makes the Bidens extremely vulnerable.

Describing Hunter’s activities in his book, Red-Handed, Schweizer wrote about Hunter’s company undermining our national defense.

Hunter, who we now know gave percentages of his income to Joe, connived to give Beijing military advantages over US companies in the US. One company his business partnered with was the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). AVIC is one of China’s largest military contractors. U.S. officials have identified AVIC as a major culprit in the theft of U.S. defense technologies. Details can be found on this link.


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1 year ago

Schweizer is great. I don’t know Devine. I see no advantage to prosecuting Hunter, dem voters will remain dem voters either way, vote fraud will not change either. Garland has no credibility, just like Sessions and Barr. Independents will not be persuaded to vote dem because Hunter was indicted. The DOJ has covered up massive crimes the past few years, with impunity. This is an unlikely time for action, with dems in charge, and the atmosphere of impunity.

The only possibility I see is that the intention is to pressure Biden into quitting next year, retiring due to health. Corrupt DC may have a hard time dealing with Biden, he is stubborn, wants to be in charge though he cannot be, and he is an embarrassment. Despite his senility, I am sure he gives his handlers lots of trouble as he tries to play leader. Kamala would be moldable clay to them.

1 year ago

The treason of the Obiden Crime Family far exceeds that of the Rosenbergs. The entire mafia must hang for their capital crimes.