The AI Company Preparing to Censor the US 2024 Election


The number of censorship companies proliferating in the Western world, particularly in the United States and the UK, is unending. One of them is Logically AI.

Logically AI is a British AI firm that “is poised to shape the 2024 election.” It boasts they can “automatically suppress and label any content they deem as misinformation” on Facebook.

Logically, AI helped the U.K. government censor critics of lockdowns and vaccine passports. It was discovered by Brian Murphy, a former FBI agent in the intel wing of the DHS, who lamented the failure of the Government Disinformation Board. He worked with the government to censor Americans, and then he joined Logically AI, one of the many censorship companies. It’s based in the UK.

According to new confidential documents, American military interests and election officials are now embracing the firm.

In collaboration with real clear investigations, Lee Fang wrote that Logically AI “keeps tabs on over one million conversations.” They also have a public face producing viral content with traditional news media.

They’re experimenting with “natural language” to “generate effective counter-speech to “deliver novel solutions for content moderation and fact-checking.”

“In other words, artificial intelligence-powered bots that produce, in real-time, original arguments to dispute content labeled as misinformation.”

They are one of the organizations planning to control the 2024 election and social media platforms.

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