The Latest on the Ukraine War


In the clip below, Col. Macgregor updates Americans on the latest in the Russia-Ukraine war. He discusses the Ukrainian officials who were recently forced to resign. They are even too corrupt for Ukraine. They were allegedly buying mansions and luxury cars and spending on expensive vacations.

He discussed some changes in the attitude toward the war. The US is pushing allies to escalate.

The retired colonel said the US has lied about the Ukraine War for months, and the truth is coming out. The US is also lying about Ukrainian casualties, he said. In private, he said the Europeans feel this is dangerous, and they wonder how far we are going with this.

He explains “hybrid war.” Russia’s Foreign Minister said the West is planning traditional warfare against Russia – forget this idea of hybrid war. It’s fiction.

Col. Macgregor doesn’t think the West knows what war means anymore.

Macgregor said Ukrainian reports are not believable when it comes to Russia. Theyw on’t admit far more Ukrainians are dying than Russians.

Judge Napolitano asked when the West will come to the realization that this is a losing fight and we have to fight the mission.

Macgregor said he is hearing distrubing reports that even if Ukrainians fall back to Poland, we will fight an endless war. He called President Duda of Poland “crazy.” According to polls, the Polish population wants a negotiated agreement with Russia. The EU public wants the same.

Europe doesn’t yet care about the loss of energy because climate change is a religion. “It’s quite strange,” Macgregor says.

There is much more in the clip.


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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 month ago

The west certainly comes across as a corrupted patchwork quilt of dubious misfits. Unless that’s their strategy.

1 month ago

The US doesn’t know how to win a war, only profit from it. On a side note, the commercials on here with disgusting feet and fungus are annoying.

1 month ago

First it was Nuland in Ukraine. Now she says in a Congressional hearing that they are working with the opposition in Belarus. It wouldn’t be a surprise if State and NED will attempt to stage another color revolution.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The propaganda is thick in America. In the Iraq war, we saw it in detail on TV, sometimes live. We see nothing going on in Ukraine. Well most leftists are sure not going to protest the war, as they did in the 60s. Vietnam was a war against totalitarianism, we are on the totalitarian side this time.The left is now thoroughly brainwashed.

Z bought a mansion in Florida. He is not held accountable. Perhaps official are fired because they are defecting from the NWO agenda. We cannot merely accept the reason given for dismissals.