The American Spectacle: Still Misled About the mRNA Vaccine


The hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former Director of the NIAID, was a spectacle. Fauci continued to lie, and Democrats praised and protected the man who didn’t care about people’s lives or the welfare of children.

As scientists abroad start speaking openly about the fiasco that was the reaction to a virus not much worse than the flu, Dr. Anthony Fauci, leader of the hysterical reaction, is still lauded by Democrats and US media.

People worldwide know they were snookered, but in America, we are still being snookered by our ‘leaders.’

Researchers published in BMJ Public Health strongly suggested that the research into three million excess deaths during COVID-19 be studied for links to the vaccine.

The CDC hasn’t caught up, and Drs Fauci, Collins, Birx, and the rest of them remain resolute. Dr. Fauci even accuses Christians of killing 300,000 with false information about the mRNA vaccines. He holds patents.

Between the refusal to treat people appropriately, ignoring anti-virals, putting people on ventilators, lockdowns, and delaying necessary tests and surgeries, it’s not a surprise that we have excess deaths.

Then there is the sketchy vaccine, which was poorly tested and rushed to market. No one knew how mRNA would work as a vehicle for the vaccine. The side effects should have killed it, but instead, the people in power mandated it and fired those who didn’t cooperate.

Doctors in our bureaucracy hid the facts and arranged for the media to do the same. No one was even allowed to question it.

The FDA and CDC all ignored their standards and condemned anyone who noticed.

Researchers found that the products had massive impurities and plasmids that make spike proteins.

The vaccinated were getting sicker than the unvaccinated. Died Suddenly became a thing for the young.

People who weren’t vaccinated were shunned and treated like lepers were hundreds of years ago. The unvaxxed were accused of murder, and many lost their jobs.

The silver tongued vax pushers would say, “If only they would follow the science,” while they didn’t follow the science.

In reality, science did not support most of what they did, and people became rich. Dr. Fauci portrayed himself as science itself.

Young people dropping dead for no reason, fertility declined, and increased rates of cancer failed to temper the extremism.  In fact, they grew worse.

The vaccine appears to have kept the virus going by mutating the virus.

Now we have the RSV vaccine, they’re producing a bird flu vaccine with our tax dollars, and they want mRNA to be the new revolutionary vehicle. They’re even planning to use mRNA for other vaccines, including the flu vaccine. It’s not to make anything better. It’s to make money.

If you call NY state-controlled Stonybrook Hospital on Long Island, you’ll hear a message to get your recommended COVID vaccine. Doctors there will also tell you you don’t have to wear a mask, but they recommend it. Thanks to the propaganda, people believe the lies. I still see people walking around outdoors in masks.

Fauci went from media outlet to media outlet, boasting of saving lives when he actually killed people.

Watch Kazuhiro Haraguchi, Japan’s former interior minister, become the first major politician to apologize to anti-vaxxers for the many deaths and injuries among the vaccinated.

“You were right; vaccines are killing millions of our loved ones .”

“As a member of the Japanese legislature, I would like to apologize to all of you, to each and every one of you. So many people died. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Watch his speech before an anti-WHO group:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Dr. Robert Redfield finally fesses up.

“There was a decision not to do anything that made the vaccine sound like it didn’t work.”

“Two-thirds of the people that I’m seeing infected in Maryland have been vaccinated.”

“If you came down and visited me and interviewed my patients…you’d interview patient after patient after patient that did not have COVID but are very sick. You would say very sick, long COVID patients. And it’s all from the vaccine.”

“The spike protein is immunotoxic. You get infected; it’s immunotoxic. But when you give the vaccine, we make the spike protein.”

“When I give you an mRNA vaccine…I don’t know how much spike protein you make because I give you mRNA, and then your body goes and makes it…You may make it for a week…You may make it for a month.”

“I use the protein vaccine, so I know exactly how much spike protein you get. Your body’s not becoming a [spike protein] manufacturing plant.”

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