The beast! NY Times begs judge to dismiss Project Veritas lawsuit


Project Veritas filed a defamation lawsuit against the NY Times and they should win. The Times article in question by Maggie Astor was filled with lies while calling Project Veritas deceptive. The NY Times recently begged the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, pleading for mercy in a remarkable statement.

The Times readjusted their headline since. The headline now is: Project Veritas Video Was a ‘Coordinated Disinformation Campaign,’ Researchers Say.

The NY Times is a rag now.

Their attorneys googled them and relied on Wikipedia and a Google search to back up their case.

Astor tried to defend herself by claiming opinion isn’t subject to a lawsuit. However, it was utilized by Fox9, Facebook Live, and others to falsely claim the Project Veritas information was false and verified by their fact-checkers.




  1. When a story appears as a news story and not an editorial, then it is presented as fact so should be subject of a lawsuit if false, especially if intended to slander. That’s common sense.

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