The Bridge Dismantling Is Kaput and Bezos’ Yacht Isn’t Stuck


Jeff Bezos‘s new $500 million, 417-foot super yacht will still hit the high seas even after plans to DISMANTLE the historic Netherlands bridge fell through.

Bridge and Bezos’s Superyacht

People were outraged at the plan.

The bridge is 145 years old and was damaged in World War II. It was one of the first things to be rebuilt after the war. The bridge is a monument to history and when the Council refurbished it, they said it would never be dismantled again.

Now Bezos wants it dismantled. The Bezos ship is too tall to get under the bridge. He would pay for it, of course, but the people are angry. People said they would throw things at everyone sailing the ship if they tried it.

The plans are dismantled as a result.

However, the vessel isn’t stuck. They can get it through without taking the bridge down. They simply went to Plan B.

All that talk about the yacht being stuck was fake news.


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