The Business of Gaslighting The American People on Afghanistan


The Biden administration investigated itself on the handling of the detestable Afghanistan withdrawal and found that Biden did a great job. Anything that went wrong was Donald Trump’s fault. Read about that here.

They think we’re all stupid and have the memory of Joe Biden.

“And for all this talk of chaos, I just didn’t see it. Not from my perch. At one point, there was an aircraft taking off full of people, Americans and Afghans alike, every 48 minutes. And not one single mission is nixed. So, I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the whole argument of chaos,” said Gaslighting John Kirby, the Pentagon Spokesperson.

Via Maze Moore

Biden and his administration were responsible for the desperate Afghans clinging to planes in an effort to escape.

There was a lot of gaslighting over the 13 soldiers and 700 Afghans who died needlessly due to Biden’s disgusting withdrawal.

The US drone strike to make them look tough killed an innocent family, mostly children. They were gaslighting on that also – tried to hide it.

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5 months ago

Traitor Joe orchestrated the greatest Military Defeat in American History!

Trump Won
Trump Won
5 months ago

There you have it. It’s official, this administration can and will get away with murder. Again and again and again, rinse, repeat…. Thanks to the lying media.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

“The Biden administration investigated itself…” and surprisingly they are perfect!
Like stockholders being ripped off by fake internal audits of a company, the tax payers are being ripped off by the Biden Administration and the rest of the Democrat ilk.
How can the USA have fallen so far since the first two years of Trump?
Consider the world sabotage (and that means TREASON).

Last edited 5 months ago by Peter B. Prange