The Clarion Call for a “Proportionate Response”


Democrats are calling for a proportionate response from Israel. Politico reported that “the Biden administration calls for leaders in Jerusalem to conduct a “proportionate response” to the attacks. But the White House so far hasn’t said if there are any lines Jerusalem shouldn’t cross.”

“Biden himself said on Wednesday that he told Netanyahu in one of their several calls that Israel must “operate by the rules of war” going forward.”

Democrats now repeat the phrase “proportionate response.”

“Proportionality” has become the new buzzword. Do they know what that means? They seem to just like the sound of the word.

If that’s what they want, they just okayed Israelis raping women and slaughtering over 1400 innocents. Forensics just revealed that of those who were murdered, 80% showed signs of torture, including children and babies.

Democrats are no longer reliable defenders of Jews as the youth sign up with the far left of social justice Marxists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.

It’s not just Democrats; it’s Jewish Democrats who oppose Israel. Propaganda against Israel has been effective. If the war becomes existential, Israelis will stand behind their firm commitment of “Never Again.”

Biden could take a tough stand with Iran instead of enriching them for a fantasy of a nuclear deal.  Instead, he’ll get us into another war on his way out the door.

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