The Collapsing American Dream & Shocking Job Losses


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “job openings crashed by 750,000 in just two months,” St. Onge said.

“The one year loss is two million job openings. And it wipes out the job overhang we got when millions of Americans dropped out of the labor force during Covid lockdowns,” he said.

“We already lost the workers. And now we’ve lost the jobs.”

Employment flatlined for the eleventh month. Earlier this month we found the economy is limping long with a 1.2% gain in the first quarter real GDP. We have had $11 trillion in fiscal and monetary stimulus since the 4th quarter of 2019, and we have 1.2% GDP to show for it when we normally had 3.5%. We have stolen from the economic future with government borrowing and money-printing.

Bidenomics has stolen the American Dream from the average American. In New York, my  home insurance was already high at $2700. The bill came in at $4300 this year. When you add to the mortgage the $16,000 property tax, repairs, and upkeep, it’s not what I signed up for.

All middle class Americans are dealing with this to some degree.

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