The Coward in the Mask Wants to Exterminate Jews


This delightful young man in the mask in Harvard Square was ripping down flyers of kidnapped Israelis when students confront him.

“You know what I do, rip them, spit on them….

“I love Hamas…”

“I think they’re all dirty, dirty animals. They should be all exterminated, every single one of them and their kids, their mothers, their children, everybody…

Harvard today!


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
30 days ago

The rating this this story should be “1” to match the imbecile’s IQ.
He calls others dirty animals to be exterminated. He is not worthy to even be compared to a cockroach.
There should be an uninhabited island somewhere in this world where he and his ilk can sped their time going around and being attacked by giant cockroaches like in the movie MIB.