The Dark Side of the War on Terror


Peter Zeihan is an author of books on geopolitics who has worked for American embassies and Stratfor. He presents some interesting analyses for discussion.

In this clip, Zeihan went through the history of destroying ISIS and why we are still there.  He explains why he believes we will never make the Middle East viable.

“Newsflash, people, there will never be a high point,” Zeihan says. “There is no version of this where we make this area functional. We spent a couple trillion dollars, a few thousand lives, and 20 years trying to make Iraq look like Wisconsin. And this chunk of territory, eastern Jordan, western Iraq, eastern Syria, has been among the least economically viable parts of the planet since the dawn of human history.

“And a few thousand troops who don’t leave their bases is not going to change them. I’d argue that the Houthis are overall among the least effective military groups on the planet …”

We have a lot of small bases there that are targets for Iran. The soldiers never leave the bases, but no one wants to pull the plug for fear of getting blamed.

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