The Day of Hate Never Materialized


The National Day of Hate never materialized and never was. The police said from the beginning; there were NO EXPLICIT THREATS AND NO ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. Yet the Day of Hate has stirred up a lot of hate on Twitter – against Fox, Tucker, and many other people on the right.


It was an opportunity to spread hate against the right even though Nazis are socialist leftists.

The Chicago Police Department wrote in a statement that while there is currently “no actionable intelligence” regarding specific threats, the department will “continue to actively monitor the situation.” Miami police indicated that while they “have not received any credible threats to South Florida, public safety remains our top priority.”

The group that created this terror warning, the Counter Extremism Project or CEP, uses sources like The Southern Poverty Law Center and Secretary Mayorkas. That’s what they say on their website.

Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik, was dragged into it with lies about her supporting it although she is a religious Jew.

Adam Schiff went full-sanctimonious over a non-existent threat.

A handful of fit young men who looked like FBI were the only ones we could find who seemed to take the day seriously. They screamed hateful epithets at Jews in cars yesterday in Florida. They were too ridiculous to be believable.

Pamela Geller dealt with the absurdity of those four screamers and found them not believable. She also suspected the day had no purpose beyond battering the right-wing.

“The “Day of Hate” resulted in far more Leftists accusing Trump and DeSantis and all other conservatives with approving of it than it did in actual incidents of hate. It also deflects attention once again from the genuine antisemitism that is becoming increasingly mainstream on the Left. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez don’t proclaim “Days of Hate”; they just make antisemitism mainstream from the halls of Congress.

“Real antisemitism is coming from the BDS  (boycott Jews) movement and Leftist professors on campuses all over the country. The rise in antisemitism can be directly correlated with the hatred of Israel that is now essentially required to be a Leftist, and with the concerns for “Islamophobia” that prevent the Left from examining and resisting deeply-rooted Islamic antisemitism. Even the ADL itself has succumbed to this.”

Many believe it was an FBI psyop. Who knows?
Here’s some real hate

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