The Deal to End the Ukraine-Russia War IMMEDIATELY


The deal that Russia is offering, if true, is the best deal President Zelensky will get. Rather than seeing any more of his people die, why doesn’t he agree to it? A third round of negotiations took place today with no solutions in sight. About 1.7 million people have fled Ukraine so far.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters on Tuesday that Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine will stop “in a moment” if Kyiv meets several key conditions.

Russia wants Ukraine to enshrine neutrality in its constitution, acknowledge Crimea as Russian, and recognize Donetsk and Lugansk republics as independent states.

“They should make amendments to their constitution according to which Ukraine would reject any aims to enter any bloc,” Peskov said.

Russia won’t accept what they say is an unacceptable security threat.

Peskov told Reuters that Russia is not seeking to make any further territorial claims on Ukraine, but wants Kyiv to recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

Ukraine would also need to “recognise that Donetsk and Lugansk [republics] are independent states. And that’s it. It will stop in a moment,” Peskov stated.

“We really are finishing the demilitarization of Ukraine. We will finish it,” Peskov told Reuters. “But the main thing is that Ukraine ceases its military action. They should stop their military action and then no one will shoot,” he said.

Peskov said Russia had also had to act in the face of the threat it perceived from NATO, saying it was “only a matter of time” before the alliance placed missiles in Ukraine as it had in Poland and Romania.

“We just understood we could not put up with this anymore. We had to act,” he said.

Ukrainian President Zelensky and US President Biden still appear to be holding out. Secretary of State. Russia has already indicated this could be an act of war.

This is also according to RT, the banned Russia-tied outlet.

Is Zelensky a hero, a wartime leader, or is he unnecessarily leading his people to death and destruction?

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