Biden Promises the Misery Will Continue


Just when you thought Joe Biden might have exhausted his trail of destruction, Dear Leader promises the US will continue on this devastating track that is destroying our economy and the world.

He’s so comforting.

If you thought it wasn’t going to keep getting worse, you were sorely mistaken. As Biden refuses to unleash US energy, he will buy oil from terror nations like Iran and Russia and narcoterrorists of Venezuela. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said today that there are no efforts to buy from Saudi Arabia.

That’s because of the murder of the Washington Post propagandist from Saudi Arabia who was trying to overturn his own government.

Oil has gone over $120 a barrel and it could go to $185 soon. Russia said it might go to $300.

This is over a war in Ukraine. Ukraine is not a NATO member and agreed to remain neutral in the Budapest Agreement of 1991. Ukraine is trying to join NATO.

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge describes the markets today as “carnage everywhere” and it might only be the beginning.

He writes, There is no other way to describe today’s market carnage than a market in turmoil where things are rapidly breaking as the sudden disappearance of Russia’s “toxic” commodity collateral is suddenly sparking contagion and widespread liquidations.

With S&P futures a one-way elevator lower after a modest rip higher on Ukraine ceasefire optimism early in the session, sending spoos more than 120 points down from session highs and closing down 2.9%, below 4,200, its worst close since October 2020…

All of this was predictable, and that further supports the theory that our administration is looking to destroy the US capitalist system.

If the jobs numbers were treated as they were before Biden’s regime fixed the numbers we’d be down 2 million jobs. The regime used April 2020 as a baseline for the jobs numbers’ comparisons instead of February. April is when all the jobs crashed due to lockdowns. They’re complete frauds.

We are doing this to cover up the failure of this regime. They are responsible for inflation, gas and food prices, the worsening of the supply chain problem, and the open borders. However, they want to blame Russia.

The Ukraine war is not our war and Zelensky could potentially end it any time by agreeing to stop his efforts to become part of the EU and NATO. He won’t do it, and he is being egged on by the United States.

Russian Deputy PM Novak said that a ban on Russian oil would result in catastrophic consequences for the global market according to Interfax, warning that Europe is pushing Russia towards an embargo on gas deliveries through Nord Stream 1, which is currently filled to maximum capacity, although Moscow has not taken this decision yet.

Warning that “no one would benefit from an embargo on gas deliveries through Nord Stream 1”, Novak said that replacing Russian oil deliveries to Europe would take longer than a year.

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