The defund-police Mayor of St. Louis City just doubled her police security


St. Louis City Mayor Tishaura Jones looks to cut open police positions in the city, even as she doubled the number of officers on her personal security team to four.

Security for me but not for thee!

The governor, county executive, and other mayors, as well as the St. Louis City mayor typically use police officers as their security detail. The officers pick them up at home, drive them to and from work, and escort them to various public events. And in the past, officers didn’t go with them to places like the grocery store, KMOV reported.

They can’t get any answers from the Mayor’s office such as why she doubled the number of officers and how many are now assigned to her security detail.

Jones ran on a progressive platform, calling for a “reimagining” of public safety and promising to close one of the city’s pretrial detention centers that has come under fierce scrutiny for inhumane conditions.

She has continually called St. Louis City racist and accuses police of endangering black young men.

“As a mother of a black son, I know all too often how fearful mothers can be when their sons leave their house,” Jones said in reaction to the death of Daunte Wright. “My son and I have the talk one too many times, too many times for me to remember.”

Jones is cutting the police during a violent crime wave. Progressives have gotten smart. They know defunding the police isn’t striking a cord so they are whittling away departments by cuts and not filling positions vacated by attrition. The effect will be the same.

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2 years ago

I’m young enough to recall when a former president said, we will have a civilian force more powerful than our military. Hummm..

Keen Irate Tireless
Keen Irate Tireless
2 years ago

BLM and Antifa will be the United States Police Force in the interest of unity for all comrades of the Traitor Joe’s CCP serf colony, forward, yes we can!
Why can’t the comrades get some of that keep me safe government employee as part of the equality of results for all?