The “Entire Military Culture” Is Changing; We’re Losing Warriors


Every time you speak, you’re hurting someone’s feelings, but due to woke policies, the administration is destroying the military and canceling warriors so as not to hurt people’s feelings. The current administration is comprised of social engineers who want to control every aspect of our lives, and their contribution to our military is devastating.

Some of the people in our military are being court-martialed, losing their retirement for violating woke policies, and hurting someone’s feelings. Many are even pushed out voluntarily because of these policies.

[This is all part of making the military loyal to the far-left Democrats.]

Readiness is affected, but more than that, it’s a force of people’s feelings instead of a warrior force. The entire culture is changing.

Billions of dollars a year go into woke programs. The recruiting process is in trouble because they are not drawing in the typical warrior type.

Most of what is going on is the result of lobbying in Congress.


The social engineers are changing our relationship with government. We are no longer controlling government through adequate representation. They are running us. They will decide how much money we can have, where we live, what we say, what kind of car we drive, and what kind of military we will have, and it will be a woke one.

Trump will turn this around. We are teetering on World War III and need a fighting force.

Even the SEALS have gone woke.

DEI Is a Waste of Time

Admiral Lisa Franchetti told an undercover journalist that “China” is the United States’ biggest threat and Woke initiatives will be gone if a ‘World War’ breaks out. Military colleagues think DEI is a “waste of time.”

“None of this [DEI] is going to matter when China invades Taiwan. Our biggest foe right now is China; that’s our worry. …Nobody else. If we went to war with China, it would escalate to a World War. We may end up speaking Chinese; I mean, let’s be honest…”

“If we have a Republican in office, it will bolster our military. If we have a Democrat, it’ll continue to just be the make due with what you have. Slap things together, put duct tape on it — poor training…”

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